It has been a couple of weeks since I wrote here but I have been swimming without cease after a high dive into the deep of the creative endeavor. I am experiencing again, first-hand, the empowerment of creativity.

In this case both producing and performing in a one-woman show, the intricacy and variety of the left brain/right brain workout is in full play. Performing Wellness: 1 Woman, 10 Stories opens this weekend after a short 4 week production and rehearsal process. Some of the stories have been with me for a decade.  They are in all in my heart and bones. I have worked with each writer as their story emerged and then with each writer/actor team as they made their way on stage for the first time.

This work has put me right into the center of my Personal Magic. And that is, as I write in my book, HUGE, bringing both the fear and the great joy. My Soul is quivering with delight, my Spirit is breathing a sigh of relief that at last we are walking in step. My ego? Well, it is doing a dance between pride and anxiety.

The challenge of working with two different theatre companies, who are providing space and support for a weekend each of shows, serves to keep me grounded and in my body. The coordination of Marketing materials – press releases, flyers, emails out to a wide variety of organizations and individuals – keeps the brain fully engaged in both the future and the present. Working with people who are both very familiar to me and quite new is a wonderful reminder of the world of Theatre People. They are familiar because we are all theatre people. The director, designers, tech operators; the overworked and underpaid owner and/or manager; I know all these people from previous incarnations over  30+ years in the theatre. These particular individuals are new and so I take my time to feel and see and hear each of them in the roles they play.

And the actor? Well, this actor is a little new to me. It is nearly 3 years since I was last on stage. The difference is that last time was with a group, with a director who was in charge of the material (script) and the production. This time the work is a creation to which I am the only link. The writers gave me their stories, and I am the one who knows their deepest secrets. I have the responsibility and privilege of sharing them with this part of the world. I am a portal into the hearts and souls of these very real people.

Performing Wellness and the concept for this rendition, the expression of the idea, is mine. The companies, director and others are there to support the outcome. They honor my knowledge and skill. They keep me honest and truthful and then they walk away. I will carry these stories in my body forever. This is the gift I have been given and the gift that I have to give.

As I step into the Personal Magic that is mine, moving from a facilitating role as writing guide and director, and into the Shamanic role of embodiment, I know that I am living the book I am writing. That is also an expression of this articulation, stepping into my truth, with integrity, responsibility and joy. The example of each of the writers whose stories I will live for a few minutes each time I step on stage, gives me courage.

It also gives me balance – humility and gratitude with strength and empowerment. My own story will emerge through a willingness to embrace and acknowledge that my knowledge and articulation of it is truthful. As I work with the stories each day in my apartment, mutter the words as I clean the horse yards, struggle with moving from story to story on stage in rehearsal, I am also filling my own self with their struggle, determination and great love.  As they have lived their lives and prevailed, so can I. I am not pretending this when I am on stage. I know because I am living it. And I endeavor to live it in my life as well.