I was going to write about imagination and creativity, but then there is this.
A Diversionary Thought:

What is Positive Thinking? Apart from a handy catch phrase, feel good, hippie-dippie psycho-pop term I mean. I think it is this.

Real positive thinking is truly seeing what Is, with clear vision, from an emotionally neutral place. This requires courage and an open mind.

And what is an open mind?

It is being open to anything, working with what is, regardless of what you fear or want it to be.

Positive means being in tune with the universe, aware of and open to something that is greater than the ego, inviting in the Spirit and then truly listening to it.

It is not a fighting or demanding or fearful energy. That takes from you, is a negative.

Think water not rock.
Think open eyes not blinders.
Think letting go not holding on.

Positive dwells in the midst of actual real life and is not skewed off to the side.

Positive is letting Spirit guide you, opening to the bigger picture and bringing Power to your heart and mind.

It is not willing something into being because you are afraid or angry or desperate. That kind of energy is stifling, drowning and heavy.

Being in a Positive state requires a lightness of touch, a joy and a delight and love. And it often requires perhaps some discomfort. It is not simple or simplistic.

Maybe not Positive thinking but Positive being

One comes from the human ego with its issues of control and one allows the mind-body-spirit connection to be the way. It is not how we Think about life but how we ARE in life.

Positive Being requires more of me, right to my roots. It is not a little saying I trot out, it is a deeply felt fundamental way of living.  It does not run away from life, it does not presume to dictate. Positive Being demands that I be truthful to myself and others, that I release egoic attachments, that I remain grounded. It is open to all possibilities.

I prefer Positive Being to Positive Thinking.

And I think if we are to be truly creative then we have to be in that place. Then we can create from the Truth that is within us.