Choices! So many choices are spread before us everyday. Some are small, others are very large with wide effect. However, the possible mechanisms by which we arrive at the choice at any given time, are the same for big or small. Are you aware of how you arrive at your choices?

Compromise was a kind of dirty word in my world. It was seen as settling for less than you should have, a temporary solution to a problem you will later make sure you ‘win’, or (worst of all) giving up.

I grew up understanding that I was compromised when I put myself in a situation that made me look bad, was morally questionable or left me open for criticism. I saw that people compromise in jobs, marriages, efforts to live well, exercise and to do good work in the world.

I knew that people compromised it because it is easier than the other which was fighting to the end, because they were tired, or believed there was some advantage to having some rather than none. In short, however, compromise was to be avoided at all costs and if possible called something else or camouflaged as something I preferred (as outcome) anyway.

What I know now is that I am compromised when my actions and behaviors do not reflect my true inner Self, or support and enhance my personal power as a responsible, courageous individual. This is a somewhat different understanding of compromise although some of the tangibles out in the world look the same.

So, what if the compromise you make is an informed, unemotional choice and what if you know that is the Choice you select for now, eyes wide open, and that you can make a different choice any time you wish?  Maybe when there is more information, when the winds change, when you are stronger in yourself.

And that is the key. When you have located and befriended your center, when your Awareness of Self and capacity for non-attachment to outcome is well developed or at least conscious, then you make choices out of knowing rather than fear or habit. Lack of awareness leads to behavior that is not based in the reality of who you truly are, and thus you are compromised in your Heart and Soul regardless of what you actually end up doing in the visible world.

These habitual or fearful ‘choices’ weaken your sense of empowerment and responsibility. Really arriving at a Choice, whatever that is,  empowers and strengthens you.

So do you make choices or do they make you? (The choices you make do tend to add to the sum total of who you are.) It is the verb ‘make’ that bothers me in both these senses. It strikes me that anything that is Forced (‘make my day’, ‘make it happen’) is in itself doing violence somehow, somewhere.

Is it not more useful and empowering to think of the ways in which you take the next step as being a Selection by a conscious and aware individual? (Without that piece, maybe indeed the choice makes us. Then it is perhaps an habitual reaction rather than a conscious choice.)

When I hear ‘make a choice’ it sounds so hard. Hard in attitude, hard to do and hard in outcome. How about Select, Arrive at, Respond – Choose the Action rather than Make A Choice. The latter implies forcing something into place, regardless of its rightness or appropriateness. ‘Select’ is more pliable, less invasive, more organic. It suggests options and awareness of those options before you with considered thought, a dose of intuition and Awareness of Self reaching toward a specific course of action.

(Of course if you understand and experience the word ‘Make’ as ‘Create’ then that works  beautifully. However in this world filled with competition and win-lose scenarios, the word ‘make’ can be mis-felt and misunderstood by those around us, or even inside yourself.)

So, when you find yourself at the crossroads of compromise, where is Choice then? How useful to have a means by which you can accomplish Choice with regard to Compromise with purity of intention and inner personal strength? If you can arrive at the next step without feeling as if you are trapped into a tight little corner without real choice except to HAVE or MAKE only one – ‘the compromise’. (Noun – static))

What if we selected compromise as a course of action For Now. How would that feel? When you actually see a series of behaviors, or best steps to take now, as choices, then the fact that one of those maybe ‘to compromise’, (Verb – active), makes it indeed a choice.

And here a visit to the Synonyms dictionary: adjustment, arrangement, settlement, conciliation, arbitration, concession, compound, accommodation.

Fabulous words, all which are powerful when aligned with Awareness of self, personal responsibility and empowerment. The key element in each, being a participant in this decision rather than a prisoner upon whom a situation is imposed, requires that you choose.

Compromise: Habit or Choice? Fearful or Powerful? You can take charge of your life. Call on your intellect and higher self or Spirit in order to make choices every step of the way. You will have the full empowerment of being responsible for your life and outcome, freedom to make new choices as appropriate and, most of all, you will be unafraid as you live and grow in both the small and large things.