I have of course been reading about the Rapture and that means considering the meaning of the words Armageddon and Apocalypse. This is not the place to begin to delve through biblical and subsequent uses and meaning of the words. Suffice to say the original meaning/intention of the words and concepts is to ultimately arrive at a beginning.

Armageddon is where the ‘battle’ will take place, Apocalypse is the lifting of the veil that prevents us seeing the truth of our situation. So, the root problem faced by humanity is that in order to have real change and new beginnings there has to be some house cleaning. In order to do that each of us, in our personal lives, our communities and the planet as a whole, are required to look squarely at the present in which we are.

There is no option of escape in order to engage in the gift of life. The changes and shifts in the environment, socially and culturally, spirituality and practically, could be understood as a personal Armageddon of sorts. The ‘battle’ that is taking place (if there is one) is for each of us to emerge into our full potential, to find courage and truth within and bring that to the way in which we live.

The apocalypse is the burning away of all behind which we have hidden. The truth of who we are (personally) and as a collection of human beings can be overwhelming. So we hide deeply in our fear and sense of helplessness. The control we hope to maintain over people, environment, our future, traditional measures of success and well being is not so subtly vanishing. No wonder some would like to be lifted out of this uncomfortable place of evolution!

The idea that we can be let off the hook, as it were, of living and connecting to the godhead within, of attaining a level of being greater than we currently know, belittles the very notion of a higher power. If my awareness of Spirit were of such paucity that I were to believe that I had reached my full potential here on earth, then indeed, Beam me up Scotty.

Instead, what I feel deeply in my bones and heart, in the blood pumping through my body, is that I am being gifted with the greatest opportunity of all. I can expand into a wider, deeper, more powerful place when I relinquish the false comfort of fear in order to participate. When I choose to come from my center, in courage and compassion, peace and strength, my personal Armageddon is won.

It takes far more to stay and participate, to be open and embrace the challenges, to forgive and grow. I can’t help believing that Creator/Spirit/God, however we name that power, would have gifted us with the capacity to be more courageous, creative and powerful than the current smallness of humanity in its early evolutionary arc.

I am interested in the potential that already exists, hidden within. I want to assist in lifting that veil, empowering myself and others in burning away the rubbish. I want to be there to nurture the seeds of true prosperity and love. In short, maybe I am willing to be one of the horsemen/woman of the Apocalypse? Maybe we are all being called upon to ride into the future by engaging in the present?

If I believed that this weekend would bring my last day and lift me out of this place into heaven, would I be in front of the TV huddled in fear and hope? Cloaked in the smug safety of believing I was one of the chosen for the Rapture?

Not me. I’d be out there, my hands in the earth, feeling the sun and wind brushing my skin, giving thanks for this planet earth, offering prayers for her healing and good health. So right there I am definitely not a candidate for the Rapture.

If I thought the Rapture would come and not take me? Would I be trembling with fear in the basement? Getting permanently drunk for the last time? Loading my gun to defend myself in the disaster that is sure to follow?

No. I’d still choose to be in the air, by the water, firmly on the earth, wising her well for the promised horror of the months ahead. I would be wondering how it could be worse than now, as the skins of change continue to shed. I would be promising to be a healer in whatever comes.

And if I think there is no Rapture at all? If I believe that the journey we are all on – people, plants, animals and fish, the planet and very Life Force that surrounds and feeds all living beings – is unavoidable? Well, then even if I choose to ignore it, or to hasten myself off this life cycle, the journey continues.

Maybe I have painted myself into a corner, where I am helplessly stuck in the face of the unraveling of everything with no escape route. OR maybe I have just opened the gate and stepped out into something that is so vast and filled with potential that I cannot help but to grow myself.

I choose not leave under any circumstances. I will be a part of the evolution. I will envision the Phoenix rising from the ashes.

I might not be here to see the trees that will grow from this change but I can surely tend the soil from which they will grow. I will plant seeds of great love and peace. I will pour on the water of courage and compassion. I will warm them with joy and hope.

The children of this world cannot all ascend with the rapture. They will have to evolve into the capable, powerful beings they can be. I will not give them fear or hopelessness. I will give them encouragement and creativity, opportunity and personal empowerment. I will give them each a garden plot so that after the Armageddon and the Apocalypse, each can rise out of the ashes.

Back to the Rapture. A definition: an expression or manifestation of ecstasy or passion: a state or experience of being carried away by overwhelming emotion: a mystical experience in which the spirit is exalted to a knowledge of divine things.

No artificial rapture necessary. Each person can rise on their own powerful wings, feet in the earth and hearts open to all that is known and unknown, connected to the Spirit that is all around us, of us and in us. And that is the secret, the power within.

So, don’t leave just yet. You’d miss so much. And she’d miss you. Go out this weekend and enjoy the earth. She is yours and you are hers. Improvise a song, create a dance, tell a story. Bathe your feet in a stream, lean against a tree, cup a bloom in your hands. And there is your rapture – right here, right now.