I began this blog over a year ago, in 2010, because I wanted to have it in place to support my book. I began the book back in Australia back in 2009, wandering the interior desert after my father had died.

The blog really became an opportunity to write a response to what had been happening in the world or was on my mind, when I made the time. At first I wrote very regularly and lately not much.

The book continued to wander through various renditions, with incredible bursts of activity that were quickly eclipsed by more immediately rewarding activities.

I have been on this enormous social media learning curve – the blog, entering the maze of the ‘back-end’ of my website to do basic updating and tweaks, not to mention the entire Facebook world. Over time I added Twitter and Linkedin.

Gradually I have put together the structure of a pretty decent set of social media tools. The time has come to give it something to serve and to, as a famous film suggested, layout that game. ‘If you build it they will come.’ That said, without the book what are the tools for?

So,back to the book. This is the hard part. I thought the learning curve for the previous had been steep. It had nothing on this part.

Months of research – self publishing, my own Ebook, traditional publishing… (Heaven forefend! I want this out before I am ninety!) But, this is essential – find a publisher.

Check! Found the wonderful Yoly Fivas at House of Lit. Her little tear-off website was at the bottom of a flyer at Cuppers Coffeehouse, in Prescott. The flyer said what she did and that she was in Dewey. Right down the road from me, too. Perfect. I like to be able to work with people face to face. Ebook and POD – again, just what I had been thinking.

Next, find someone to help with promotion and marketing. Abracadabra! Through Yoly I have the experienced, calm and steady Mary Rosenblum. (She is back near my old hometown of Portland, Oregon, where Yoly used to be. The links are chiming.)

Now what.

Oh yes. Finish the manuscript – not just the text but all the darned activities. They are in my head and in bits and pieces in different files but not together, chapter by chapter.  Umpteen hours later, my butt shapeless and my hips completely out of alignment and – OK, did that.

What else. OHhhhhh, the editing. And here is where I am floundering. What the heck does an editor do anyway? Who can I trust not to alter my voice so completely that I don’t know who wrote this stuff?  Who will be kind to this baby and, while rightfully pointing out it needs a hair-trim, won’t insist on a new pair of legs?

And haven’t I had the incomparable Bonnie doing that anyway, over the months that I have been slowly putting this down in something resembling consecutive chapters? Bonnie tidied up my thesis years ago and was brilliant. She knows me, my energy, language, how my mind works (or doesn’t!) She is also clearheaded and organized. Bonnie can clean up a sentence, catch the repetitions and plant the commas and hyphens where they need to be.

But there still seems to be more that is needed. Maybe the eye and ear of a reader who doesn’t know me too well, who isn’t into the topic. (Not that Bonnie was but we have worked and played together for years and years. So perhaps there is a bias there.)

So alright, but I still want to find someone I at least sort of know. Ah! There is this guy I know of, met once or twice maybe back in the yes, Portland days. Word guy, actor, always on FB, funny and sharp. Nurmi Hussa. He has also put a book out.

I Facebook him, (message.) ‘Want to look at this for me, see what you think? Not a full content edit but clean it up, let me know what doesn’t make sense to you.’ And bless his cotton socks, he is working through it right now.

He is good – sharp, on the ball, can take 3 words and make them one, flip a phrase about, provide a better adjective. He is also funny – that helps, funny. I wish that I could include his asides as he fixes stuff, but no, that will be for the gold edition years from now.

One more hurdle. The publisher and promotion strategist need to read it. How can they truly say ‘Yes, we will go for this’ if they think it is – well, crap. So, that is where it is today as well. They have the first full manuscript, pre-Nurmi, and are reading it, with an eye to ‘You need a real editor or not.’ It is like waiting to see if your 8th grader clears the high jump.

So, in the meantime, this blog. The book IS on the way. Hard to stop it now. In the birthing canal, the contractions underway.

Assume it isn’t crap, assume Nurmi is the editor I need, assume that on October 3rd it will wing its way to Yoly for its final formatting, as Ebook and POD.

Over the next 4 weeks I will tell the ‘getting into print’ story, and then 4 weeks after that the ‘out into the world’ story as we ready its orchestrated arrival into the public world! Please accompany me on the journey that will bring Personal Magic into the world. Sign up for this blog to arrive in your email as soon as I post it. (On the right, at the bottom.) Go to the Facebook page and Like, or visit the wellnesswithkate website. I will be adding a newsletter sign-up option there in next few days.

This Personal Magic Book blog will be at least weekly. I will share some of the nuts and bolts of the process with you and also little tidbits of the book as it applies to my journey now.

Today’s Aha tidbit is from the Introduction. ‘Magic is something you can only practice by doing. You do not become magic by watching a magician. Everyone has their own expression of magic in the world, and you will only experience your true power and joy when you find and live that uniquely you magic.’

Indeed, finding and living my magic. Walking my talk. It takes courage, trust and a great deal of openness to the wisdom of others even while I pay attention to my own inner wisdom and knowing.

Mmmm. I think I need to read Personal Magic – Creativity & Spirit for Empowerment in Times of Change. So, I had better get back to it. This baby needs my attention and I need some deep breathing!