I am delighted to introduce you to my first Guest Blogger, the wonderful Kathryn Cloward. I first ‘met’ her through Twitter when I saw that she had written a book called Kathryn the Grape- Just Like Magic.  Here is this powerful, real woman who is writing books for children about their inner magic.

It was serendipitous for me as I launch Personal Magic to know that I am working in good company, that my passion and belief in the unique capacity of every individual is so perfectly expressed by another writer, and for children.

In Personal Magic I write:

No-one empowers another. That is something each person must accomplish for him/herself. However, as parents or teachers, you can (and, in fact, must) seed opportunities for that Empowerment of Self to arise in others….  Most of all, offer them the time and permission to interact with a living, breathing person – YOU! Bring your Personal Magic to assist in uncovering theirs.”

Kathryn does this in a myriad of ways. Get her book and share it with the children in your life. Oh, she also has words to the wise for us grown ups as well!  Enjoy the following from her August 13th, 2010 blog It will be a step toward knowing your Personal Magic.


WHO ARE YOU?  by Kathryn Cloward

 I recently had a meeting with one of my mentors where we were discussing a variety of important things going on in my life. As I was speaking, I apparently made a few statements that included phrases like:

“…..who I am.”

“….my true self.”

“….reflecting who I am.”

Abruptly, my mentor asked me, “Who are you?”

Caught off guard, I said, “What?”

She said, “Who are you?”

I laughed out loud. Not my normal thundering “that-was-so-funny-I-can’t-help-myself” laugh. It was my “I’m-kind-of-feeling-uncomfortable” laugh. The “let’s-move-onto-another-subject” laugh.

It’s my…space filler laugh.

People who know me well, call me out on this laugh. My mentor knows me well, and thus, she called me out on it.

“Seriously, Kathryn. Tell me, who are you?”

Feeling a little off track from the flow of our original conversation (and mildly annoyed with my discomfort), I quickly answered, “Well, I am my son’s mom. I’m an entrepreneur. I…”

She cut me off and said, “Kathryn, get out of your head. This is important. Close your eyes and sit with it. Allows the words to come to you. Don’t force it.” Then she asked again gently, “Who are you?”

By now my smile had subsided. I knew this question wasn’t going away. It couldn’t go away. I agreed with her, it was important. It was a question that needed to be answered, not for her benefit, but for mine.

The question lingered….Who are you?

She waited patiently for my response. Just like a seasoned business negotiator, she asked the question and didn’t say another word.

So… I closed my eyes. I took a deep breath, exhaled, and sat in the stillness. I shut down the chatter in my mind (which took a fair bit of time) and allowed space to open up.




Within a few moments the visual appeared on my mind’s blank canvas. I saw my tree. The tree that started out as the logo for Natural Kidz, and then evolved to be the tree that brands and binds all of my businesses, the businesses I love and invest my work energy into.

I saw my tree.

The multi colored tree that has ultimately come to represent…me.

I am the tree.








Moisture was gathering behind my eyelids and a small smile formed. Then my mentor broke the silence and asked, “What is your smile saying?”

I smiled wider, opened my eyes, and with a confident voice I spoke the words that had come to me when I saw the tree appear in my mind’s eye. I said, “I am wildly colorful!

She smiled and nodded with confirmation of my breakthrough. Oh yes! Now, I was most definitely out of my head and into my heart. I took a deep breath and continued with the self-defining statements that were flowing out of me.

I am wildly colorful.

I am compassionate.

I am courageous.

I am a great mom.

I felt good. I felt centered. I felt clarity.

I drove home in silence feeling peace in allowing and accepting my true nature to come forth.

My true nature is not first defined by my roles. When asked to describe myself, I normally respond with my roles, as I did when the question was first asked by my mentor. And while I am proud and honored to be my son’s mommy, my parent’s daughter, my (three) brothers’ sister, my friend’s friend, my own boss, I am also proud to be….wildly colorful!

At one point in my drive home that day, I recall laughing out loud, thinking: from now on when someone asks me a question that requires an answer of “I am…” I may just have to say: “Hi. I am Kathryn. I am wildly colorful!”

How is that for an ice breaker?

So…I raise the question to you. When you sit with yourself in quiet space and you get out of your head and into your heart, how do you answer the question; “Who are you?”


Kathryn can be found at:
Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/kathryncloward
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Read the original post with a beautiful illustration at: http://www.kathryncloward.com/who-are-you/

Short BIO:
Kathryn Cloward is a passionate and purposeful entrepreneur who is known for her dedication to creating dynamic companies. She is the founder and president of Natural Kidz and Kandon Unlimited, which is home of Kandon Publishing and Kathryn the Grape Company. Bringing her childhood nickname to life in the Kathryn the Grape children’s book series has been one of the most fulfilling projects in her life.