I am so very pleased to introduce you to my second guest blogger, Rae, whose wonderful blog The Art Of Collecting Yourself caught my attention a while ago. The one we are sharing here, Cultivating ART-itude, was first posted on September 8th this year.

I was particularly struck by this post because it addresses something many of us experience; self-doubt and the false belief that we are not good enough to bring our gifts into the world. It takes courage, commitment and a certain joy in our creativity to stay the course. In my book Personal Magic I write:

‘To be empowered, very simply you need to find ways by which you can authorize yourself to know your own story, sanction your personal truth, entrust that to those to whom you choose give it, and thus ratify the magic that is yours. Not simple enough? Empowerment is when you embrace and own your magic, through the courage, freedom and joy found in the personal story. That magic is the energy/power that we all carry in our Being – the capacity to see, be and do.’

 Rae’s work and her new Creativity Tribe group is precisely the opportunity and celebration of that urge to create, share and empower not just ourselves but others as well. Enjoy the following and then follow her on twitter (@collectyourself)find her on Facebook and bring your Personal Magic to the Creativity Tribe.

Cultivating ART-itude  by Rae
I have a daily ritual that includes beginning and ending my day by thumbing through some of the blogs I subscribe to.  I have a reader app on my phone that puts them right in the palm of my hands.  I started doing this a few months ago and have found the process inspiring because the blogs I subscribe to are so inspiring.

I subscribe to blogs for a number of reasons.  Some inspire me because they are about art or the art process, some get my attention because the blogger has an interesting personality or perspective, and some (like the one that threw me for a loop today) is about professional blogging.

As many of you know, I have been busy working on developing a creative business that I am planning on revealing at months end.  This push to redesign my blog and offer my art to the world has guided me to blogs with wisdom about reaching more people, offering them quality products, and maintaining a personal connection even as the numbers of followers increases.

One of the blogs I read this morning featured a post about a blogsite that helps on-line businesses grow and prosper.  The site sounded interesting, so I hopped over for a look-see.  Once on the site, I found that the writer communicated authority on her subject, which was backed up by the original blogger’s high recommendation of her.  She discussed having had a woman, a new blogger, ask her if it was possible to make money blogging, and then the author went on to talk about everything the new blogger was doing wrong….and how the new blogger needed her expertise to make it work.  I felt bad for the new blogger.  Embarrassed for her.  The woman who was an authority on blogging made some very strong points that made sense, so at the end of her post, when she offered an opportunity to sign up for her newsletter that promised tips and how-to’s, I entered my email and hit send. Then, the anxiety hit.

I sure didn’t want to be the new blogger who wasn’t doing it “right.”  I really needed the professional’s help.  But as the day progressed, I began thinking about the doubt she had in the new blogger.  Suddenly, I could feel my dreams for my creative business becoming foggy and losing shape.  I started to doubt myself and question what I thought I knew.

The voice was a familiar one.  It is that voice we all have that CHATTERS on about can’t and shouldn’t, the voice that squelches creative urges.  The voice warns about telling others that it exists, lest we be looked upon as insecure.  But the truth about the voice is that it is Universal.  It comes with the package of being human.  Sometimes it is louder and more paralyzing than others, and sometimes it says stop to things that are more important than others, in the scheme of our lives.

So when my dreams got foggy this afternoon, I knew it was time to cultivate my Art-itude, that inner force that subdues the Chatter Box.  Art-itude stood tall and calm within me.  It looked the Chatter Box in the eyes….and as Art-itude is apt to do, it spoke first from the heart, telling the Chatter Box what the Chatter Box never thinks anyone will ever see.  Art-itude gently said, “I know you are scared, and that is okay.”  Chatter Box became still.

Be Still.

Over the course of the day, the inner dialogue went back and forth.  Chatter Box offered its yah-but’s to which Art-itude responded with love and support for the creative dreams.  Sometimes the Chatter Box would go on wild raging adventures down the road of Must-Not, but Art-itude kept vigil.

In the end, my dreams are in tact.  We never know when or where self-doubt will strike or what will set it off, but if we learn to recognize a deflation in our dreams, we can quickly swoop in and protect them.  If we don’t, who will.

Have you intervened when your Chatter Box threatened your dreams?  What tips could you offer to help others recover the vision they have for themselves?

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Creatively Yours, Rae


Clicking on her link to this blog you will also be treated to the incredible images and art that accompany her writing. She can also be found at her new facebook page Creativity Tribe.

Short Bio
Rae has been in the pursuit of creative living for over 25 years. Her adventure began as a young woman studying theatre in school, and it went on to include other forms of art: movement, visual art, writing, and ritual. Eventually, she found that creativity could be a way of life and the path of creativity can become the avenue to self-discovering myself.

Rae followed that idea of healing through the arts back to school for a career in Counseling.  ‘The Art of Collecting Yourself ‘offers a peak into her journey and the lessons that she is learning along the way.  Rae hopes that it might help make your journey more meaningful.