It would have been easy to lose consciousness over the last couple of days. On November 2, the Personal Magic book was officially and actually published, appearing to the public through Amazon/Createspace and as an Ebook through Smashwords. And now the mad rush to get the website completely together and functioning with all the options clear and working.

In the Personal Magic book I define the concept of Consciousness this way:

There is being conscious physiologically; you hear people talking to you, you feel hot and cold etc. And there is being Conscious in the spiritual/intellectual sense when you know who you are and how you operate in the world. Thus, you make choices and respond to situations, people and life itself.

I was unprepared for the extent of work that goes into what happens after the book comes out. I thought that the learning curve had been steep before this but today I am quite sure that I am about to step off the planet of possible! It would be easy to float away in the enormity of it all, to lose consciousness as it were.

The list of ‘To Do’s’ seems to be growing rather than reducing, and as fast as I strike one off, another arrives – or worse, in the attempt to eliminate one, more arise. And there is always something new to learn. (Today I spent time with Paypal, the Postal Service and Extensions/Module Management at the back end of the website to no great result it seems.)

However, it helps that it is cold and wet – an ‘inside day’ – today because at least it doesn’t feel ridiculous to be once again glued to the screen. I am also very lucky to have solid support – my publisher, Yoly at HouseofLit; website guru Derek by email and phone from Georgia; friends and family who send Woot! Woot! emails and Facebook posts; and David who is bringing me food today, and busying himself with his clay while I am completely consumed by the deadlines and demands of this work.

There are reality checks everyday too, and those are perhaps the most helpful of all. To start my day by rising in the barely light to go feed horses and wield the rake and barrow removing manure gets me right into the earth. Surrounded by the energy and challenge of the mixed grade elementary school students where I am teaching an after -school drama program connects me to the juxtaposition of creativity and fear. Pursuing funding for  Fred and Mary:An Unconventional Romance,  the Arizona Centennial play I am directing next year, reminds me there are other creative endeavors worthy of energy and time.

Indeed I am perhaps more conscious than ever, as the intensity, focus, variety and value of all that I am doing leaves no room for inattention.  As you uncover, express and then share your Personal Magic in the world there will be times when it is overwhelming, when you want to sleep, run away from it or take a short cut.

Expressing your Personal Magic requires that you are Conscious all the way through the process, making choices and responding to the myriad of options that emerge on the journey. I am grateful for this intensely rich period of Personal Magic manifestation and wish you the opportunity and consciousness to perceive and then ride the wave of your Personal Magic.