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Last week I wrote about two of the Personal Magic activities with which I have been involved. Maybe it is the coming of Spring here in the Northern Hemisphere but it seems to be bursting out all over (to badly paraphrase an old line!)

The next three stories that I will share with you also relate to live theatre in some way. As I write in the book:

‘There is an old adage, ‘There are no small roles, only small actors.’ Likewise, there are no small people, only the small self. By embracing your Personal Magic and bringing that to the world, you can be the hero at the center of your story.’

Perhaps that analogy works so well because indeed we are all players on our personal stage and, through our ‘performance’ have the capacity to reach and touch others. The challenge is how to be empowered when so much of the time it seems that we are dependent on the actions of others. I hope the next three short stories will exemplify how your Personal Magic can shine even when you are not running the show.

Fred & Mary Auditions:

In July 2012 as part f the AZ Centennial Celebrations, a world premier play by Micki Shelton will open at the historic Elks Opera House stage in Prescott, AZ. I am the honored and terrified director! The script for Fred and Mary: An Unconventional Romance is in hand, a start on raising the money needed has been made, and so we finally stepped right to the heart of it – finding the actors the show needs! Last Saturday we held the first round of auditions. (A second opportunity will take place on the 17th in the Phoenix area.)

There is not much that is more courageous than auditioning. Think about it. You come in with only your body, voice, and your brain and say, ‘Here I am. Will I work for your needs?’ There is not much more that relies to such a great degree on you displaying your shining, inner self more necessarily than auditioning.

Somehow, through the prepared piece (someone else’s words), the scenes you are given to read (someone else’s words), you have not only bring to life a different character but do so with all of your power and strength and, yes, joy. When you can love what you are doing even when you are scared to pieces that power will show. Your Personal Magic is essential to being able to give yourself to the work at hand, creating a character in which the audience can believe.

Ultimately you are offering the gift of yourself without attachment to outcome and with delight in what you bring. You become the hero at the center of the story.

The Artist’s Path:

The following Monday I met with a small group of talented, creative and hard working people for the first rehearsal of the April 2012 Artist’s Path production, ‘Love Make The World Go Round’. I was there as an actress, holding 2 monologues in my hands written by people I didn’t know, which I will inhabit over 6 performances in April.

Under the leadership of Gail Mangham, visionary and stalwart Artistic Director of the company, and with actors – some of whom I had worked with and others I met for the first time that evening – we began the process of creating a show. There is something very exciting about the first time you hear words out loud in a group. Something that says, ‘The Creation begins!’ Something that also says, ‘And you had better do it justice!’

The mix of doubt and hope, fear and delight that the actor has to accept, offers an opportunity to truly embrace Personal Magic. Placing yourself firmly at the center of creation, owning the responsibility, and then giving it away, you are empowered.  In the service of another you are enlarged and empowered.


Throughout all of this runs the ongoing thread of the Students with whom I meet twice a week. The daily courage it takes to be an engaged, open, responsible student, should not be understated. That each student is a unique individual, with a personal story, challenges, passions and dreams, brings to the group a myriad plethora of Personal Magic! They require that I keep owning my magic, that I raise my bar and keep expanding my capacities.

We are each, the students and myself, at the heart of our individual unique stories, and those story-circles intersect and inform each of the other personal circles of magic.

And perhaps that is the true magic of Personal Magic. As it grows you so it also has the possibility to inspire others to engage and express their Personal Magic. The dancers in the art gallery, veterans embracing the theatre, auditioners offering their gifts to me in a cold hall, the group of fellow actors with scripts in hand for the first time, and the students balancing their lives with the demands of the course work, all bring their magic to me in ways that inspire me to my Personal Magic.

As I write in the book;

“… share the story, creation, gift with someone, somehow. The sharing increases its power, magnifying the magic from its beginnings as your Personal Magic into the power of a gift to others. Personal Magic is just that, something which journeys out into the world beyond self.’

In what ways do you take your Personal Magic into the world?


I was half listening to the Diane Rehm show recently (as I a wrestled with the numbers for grant application) when I was suddenly pulled out of the $ morass by a new voice on the radio.

The topic was ‘The State of the American Dream’, the details concerned how many people through no real fault of their own, find themselves on the brink of losing everything  – their homes, health care and safety nets – especially as their older age and retirement years approach.

The voice I suddenly heard was educated, carefully modulated and well-spoken. But I could hear the effort it took to remain in control ‘on the radio’ and bleeding through that effort what hit me the hardest was the shakiness, the rising edge of panic, rage and despair. The story may have been familiar but something in the desperation of her vocal tone caught me even before I heard the words she spoke near the end of her piece.

“I look at our savings that have dwindled to almost nothing. We are in our late 50s. If we don’t have a way to earn back money, I thought about, well, then it’s going to be trying to take our lives because what will be there for us? What will be there in this world for us? And I don’t see anybody proposing anything that gives me any hope.”

I wanted to take her hand, look her right in the eyes and say, ‘You have You. It may not seem much right now when you are so afraid, when you are so justifiably angry, when the expectation of the effort to survive is crushing. But there is your Soul and your creativity and your very breath.’

We forget that, in this culture with its emphasis on what we have, ie. material objects; when the value we give ourselves and others is rooted in the $ and how we exchange that for the possessions that keep us ‘safe’.

It may well be true that we could not have a home or our savings but does that mean we are without hope? without power? without personal strength and capacity? I don’t think so.

I wrote in the introduction to my book:

“… there seems to be an inability to squarely face our lives and the world in which we live without dissolving into fear, intolerance and/or depression. It is symptomatic of a nation of people who have no center of true Self, no connection to something greater than their own apparently disintegrating universe. Call it no hope, no resilience, no soul even.”

When you are surrounded by powerless, fearful people, when you are separated from your richly creative, resilient self, then of course you feel hopeless. However when you connect with the stories about and with people who have faced great losses, traumas and personal re-alignments yet emerged with grace, power, dignity and, remarkably, often Joy, then you glimpse the possibilities. When you engage your creative Self you will touch that spark of real power within.

I call it Personal Magic, that uniqueness that is You, your gift and your strength. It is an empowerment from within independent of outside sources. Ultimately, what there is in the world for you, is YOU – the powerful, giving, responsible, disciplined You. Do not confuse power with having. Resist feeding the scared, needy, grasping, punishing you that reacts to the fear around you. Instead, nurture the resilient, creative being you are.

While you may not be able to immediately change your circumstances you will find creative ways to live with the reality. You will perceive your place in that story not as a victim of it but as a one who tells the story. You will be able to make choices and take action from a place of calm confidence. In the shedding of fear, disappointment and anger you will find you can think, act and Live, finding your hope and strategies to manage the Now life.

The Personal Magic book can begin you on that journey and support you in nurturing your Magic Self. There are other great resources as well. Check out GoodNews Network, volunteer in your community, visit the Family Dollar store and get together a little arts kit (crayons, paper, felt pens, scissors, glue and glitter); ask for support and offer support.

Most of all, claim your personal power. Even if from the outside it appears nothing has changed inside you will find all the hope that you need in the world for you.

The past week offered me experiences of either end of the Personal Magic that comes through live theatre. On Tuesday I visited with the costumer at the incredible Arizona Broadway Theatre, and on Thursday the elementary school children with whom I have been working presented their show at the school.

Visiting with the costumer at AZ Broadway Theatre was a tangible connection to a past that has been informed by theatre and teaching since before my daughter was born. Martha was a student in my very first days teaching 23 years ago at Linfield College, Oregon! Since then, she has taught and costumed her way around much of the USA, and landed 5 years ago as a founding member of the a theatre here in AZ.

I didn’t feel old (although it was noted!) so much as incredibly awestruck and delighted by the successful, varied journey in the performing arts by someone I really only remembered as a college student in Oregon, acting in her only play there and terrified. (After all, she wanted to be a costumer!)  Today she is just down the road from me, both of us still in the field through which we had met in such different capacities, and now equals in our respective specialties in the theatre world.

The elementary students this time last week were not even a solid group and in fact the very night of their show were not even all the same people whose names were in the program! The power of the collaborative creative endeavor, however, waved its magic wand.

One of the Kings Horses stepped in for the missing Wall and the Kings’ Woman took the horses’ line. The Cupboard managed his cardboard box costume even after the front fell off during a rowdy dress rehearsal (the hour before their parents arrived), and the Hungry Dog preferred that his ears be worn more as a collar rather than hanging from a girl’s headband.

Observing this disparate crew of 1st to 6th graders exhibit the same sorts of scared, overwhelmed, unsure and excited behaviors as many adults do when in challenging new circumstances was strangely reassuring.  We are all on the journey of discovery – who we are, how we behave, adding skills and building confidence in our sense of Self.

In the Personal Magic book I write:

“… as parents or teachers, you can (and, in fact, must) seed opportunities for that Empowerment of Self to arise in others. Those opportunities will vary widely based on age, ability and circumstance. … find ways to expand the horizons, broaden the activities and environments, and widen the range of relationships and activities for each individual. Through your efforts others may find ways to attempt, fail, succeed and finally experience the true exhilaration of well-earned pride and the empowerment that struggle and outcome can bring.”

The difference between those who become adults in awareness of and thus control over their behavior is the opportunity to experience, uncover and practice strengths and skills, in a safe, supportive environment.

Martha studied at an undergraduate college that gave her a good solid basis in her field of interest and skills working in a collaborative environment. She had supportive family and friends and took her own determination and power into the world she wanted for herself.

The children pulled their fears into a powerful force of focus and determination. A mere 45 minutes before the show there had been tears, near mutinies, costume refusals, absolute line losses and a desperate need for hugs, reassurance and pizza. When the time came, they worked as a team in front of their amazed and delighted parents. The vibration of their experience of pride and joy rings in me even as I write this.

Our Personal Magic is truly awakened when we move into places that challenge us, when we do so with people who love and encourage us, when we are rewarded with well-deserved pride in the accomplishment.

Martha started her journey long ago and seeing her last week as a fully-grown woman running a huge, beautiful costume shop in a strong theatre is a perspective that encourages me to keep on in my work.

The elementary kids are just beginning and the struggle to the reward of Thursday was a visceral reminder. It is urgent that as adults who care for the wellbeing of others, we bring what we can, when we can, to the children we meet wherever that is.

May your Personal Magic shine on others around you and may you experience the glow of another’s Personal Magic in your life.

It has been a big week and today is Veteran’s Day – 11.11.11. – remembered all over the world also as Armistice Day. I know many veterans and for me the date now has a resonance beyond chanting as a child, “On the 11th day of the 11th month at the 11th hour we shall remember them.”

Today the 11.11.11 stories hurt my heart because now I know that the remembering is not only for the dead but the terribly injured at so many levels.

It is also (and this feels so unimportant in some ways), a date that those in tune with the Mayan calendar recognize as a date/doorway/major opening for love and alignment, or the end of the world, or whatever interpretation is surfacing. I am quite open to the power of a date in providing us a time to reflect upon our history, possibilities and the need for change.

This leads me directly to the other thing that happened this week – the shocking, sickening and almost unbelievable series of events at Penn State. Uncovering the appalling lack of responsibility, common decency and courage that festered, hidden beneath the rock of the sports’ lights, has been painfully unremitting. The rape and sexual abuse of young boys by the adults they worshipped and to whom they looked up, not only occurred (we have seen that before) but this time was witnessed in real time by other adults, who did nothing.

My book, Personal Magic, is about Empowerment as a conscious choice. The endless cycles of war, and the re-learned and forgotten and re-learned lessons of that, the disturbing lack of moral capacity exhibited at Penn State, and the idea that the world is perhaps on the brink of ending – or is it realigning with love? – makes some kind of sense to me today.

We are in the midst of waves of change, coming into awareness of who we are not. The crop grown from the seeds of greed, fear, selfishness and irresponsibility is being reaped today. This is perhaps one of the most disempowered cultures in a long time. Lack of discipline, of healthy pride, courage and kindness leads to what we are witnessing on a grand scale now.

As we honor and remember the veterans from wars past, we are still failing those in need so that we can pay for the ongoing wars and be ‘prepared’ for others. The adults with the most power over the young people in their care not only fail them, but do so deliberately from their place of disempowerment and lack of discipline. And we cling to a date as means by which all will be either mercifully swept away so we don’t have to deal with it, or magically healed.

There are no short cuts. We need to face our fear, find the courage to move deeply into our inner, wiser, selves and do the work. In Chapter 3 of Personal Magic I write:

“I think it is a neat little paradox that the Empowerment that comes with being in Joy entails a certain Responsibility as well. Just as the journey to Joy requires Discipline, so when you have that Empowerment, it will only remain if you behave with Responsibility. It takes Discipline and Responsibility to grow your Empowerment, (and thus open you to your Joy,) and that will stay with you only if you behave Responsibly. A circle, a spiral, but not a straight line to nowhere.”

You can get there, you can help others get there. Embrace your creativity, allow your heart and soul to be heard, and begin to experience true empowerment, your Personal Magic.

I am so very pleased to introduce you to my second guest blogger, Rae, whose wonderful blog The Art Of Collecting Yourself caught my attention a while ago. The one we are sharing here, Cultivating ART-itude, was first posted on September 8th this year.

I was particularly struck by this post because it addresses something many of us experience; self-doubt and the false belief that we are not good enough to bring our gifts into the world. It takes courage, commitment and a certain joy in our creativity to stay the course. In my book Personal Magic I write:

‘To be empowered, very simply you need to find ways by which you can authorize yourself to know your own story, sanction your personal truth, entrust that to those to whom you choose give it, and thus ratify the magic that is yours. Not simple enough? Empowerment is when you embrace and own your magic, through the courage, freedom and joy found in the personal story. That magic is the energy/power that we all carry in our Being – the capacity to see, be and do.’

 Rae’s work and her new Creativity Tribe group is precisely the opportunity and celebration of that urge to create, share and empower not just ourselves but others as well. Enjoy the following and then follow her on twitter (@collectyourself)find her on Facebook and bring your Personal Magic to the Creativity Tribe.

Cultivating ART-itude  by Rae
I have a daily ritual that includes beginning and ending my day by thumbing through some of the blogs I subscribe to.  I have a reader app on my phone that puts them right in the palm of my hands.  I started doing this a few months ago and have found the process inspiring because the blogs I subscribe to are so inspiring.

I subscribe to blogs for a number of reasons.  Some inspire me because they are about art or the art process, some get my attention because the blogger has an interesting personality or perspective, and some (like the one that threw me for a loop today) is about professional blogging.

As many of you know, I have been busy working on developing a creative business that I am planning on revealing at months end.  This push to redesign my blog and offer my art to the world has guided me to blogs with wisdom about reaching more people, offering them quality products, and maintaining a personal connection even as the numbers of followers increases.

One of the blogs I read this morning featured a post about a blogsite that helps on-line businesses grow and prosper.  The site sounded interesting, so I hopped over for a look-see.  Once on the site, I found that the writer communicated authority on her subject, which was backed up by the original blogger’s high recommendation of her.  She discussed having had a woman, a new blogger, ask her if it was possible to make money blogging, and then the author went on to talk about everything the new blogger was doing wrong….and how the new blogger needed her expertise to make it work.  I felt bad for the new blogger.  Embarrassed for her.  The woman who was an authority on blogging made some very strong points that made sense, so at the end of her post, when she offered an opportunity to sign up for her newsletter that promised tips and how-to’s, I entered my email and hit send. Then, the anxiety hit.

I sure didn’t want to be the new blogger who wasn’t doing it “right.”  I really needed the professional’s help.  But as the day progressed, I began thinking about the doubt she had in the new blogger.  Suddenly, I could feel my dreams for my creative business becoming foggy and losing shape.  I started to doubt myself and question what I thought I knew.

The voice was a familiar one.  It is that voice we all have that CHATTERS on about can’t and shouldn’t, the voice that squelches creative urges.  The voice warns about telling others that it exists, lest we be looked upon as insecure.  But the truth about the voice is that it is Universal.  It comes with the package of being human.  Sometimes it is louder and more paralyzing than others, and sometimes it says stop to things that are more important than others, in the scheme of our lives.

So when my dreams got foggy this afternoon, I knew it was time to cultivate my Art-itude, that inner force that subdues the Chatter Box.  Art-itude stood tall and calm within me.  It looked the Chatter Box in the eyes….and as Art-itude is apt to do, it spoke first from the heart, telling the Chatter Box what the Chatter Box never thinks anyone will ever see.  Art-itude gently said, “I know you are scared, and that is okay.”  Chatter Box became still.

Be Still.

Over the course of the day, the inner dialogue went back and forth.  Chatter Box offered its yah-but’s to which Art-itude responded with love and support for the creative dreams.  Sometimes the Chatter Box would go on wild raging adventures down the road of Must-Not, but Art-itude kept vigil.

In the end, my dreams are in tact.  We never know when or where self-doubt will strike or what will set it off, but if we learn to recognize a deflation in our dreams, we can quickly swoop in and protect them.  If we don’t, who will.

Have you intervened when your Chatter Box threatened your dreams?  What tips could you offer to help others recover the vision they have for themselves?

To more closely follow the progression of creative business, subscribe to this blog and consider subscribing to the new arts network I am developing by clicking the Creativity Tribe button on the right sidebar.  I will be previewing some of my artwork, the steps I am taking to create my creative business, and inviting you to participate in one of the most creative parties on the planet.

Creatively Yours, Rae


Clicking on her link to this blog you will also be treated to the incredible images and art that accompany her writing. She can also be found at her new facebook page Creativity Tribe.

Short Bio
Rae has been in the pursuit of creative living for over 25 years. Her adventure began as a young woman studying theatre in school, and it went on to include other forms of art: movement, visual art, writing, and ritual. Eventually, she found that creativity could be a way of life and the path of creativity can become the avenue to self-discovering myself.

Rae followed that idea of healing through the arts back to school for a career in Counseling.  ‘The Art of Collecting Yourself ‘offers a peak into her journey and the lessons that she is learning along the way.  Rae hopes that it might help make your journey more meaningful.

This time last week I was freshly basking in the aftermath of the extraordinary TwentyFour Hour event. The last blog post explains what that is and the process by which we got to the moment of presenting 5 brand new plays (literally barely more than 12 hours old) to a paying public!

The night unfolded beautifully. 15 actors embodied their characters created under the watchful, creative, problem-solving eyes of 5 directors. Together, through the entire day from 7.30 til 7.30pm, they had labored to bring the scripts to life. Now, as I sat there with 4 other playwrights, they appeared before our amazed eyes. The stories filled our delighted ears and grateful hearts – stories of which we had not heard a whisper until now.

The audience shared the delight and wonder although I know that, because they had not been one of the creators, to some extent they could not have felt all that we felt. That is perhaps the real power of creativity. It is in the furnace of creation, that we gain the greatest gift.

Why do we, the One Day Play lunatics, do it? Even if we have done it before, the discoveries each event are the same. We are most alive when we are challenged, most supported when working in community. Because in pushing to the boundaries of our capacity we find anew a strength and power we didn’t know or had forgotten.

The list of findings include: Letting others assist us, lending what we can to others. Placing our focus on the gift we are creating to give away that evening. Honoring each aspect of the creation from the writer to the director, the technical crew, the actors and the producer. Knowing that each cell in that glorious organism, the show that opens up that night and then blooms in full, depends on each of us to do our personal best.

In the Personal Magic Book I write about the things that can stop you from engaging in the arts and creative expression, and ultimately from truly stepping into your Personal Magic place of unique strength and power. One of them is waiting until it is perfect before offering the gift. The TwentyFour Hour Play experience certainly blows that option out of the water!!

I also write:

“What else stops you? Fear – fear of being wrong, looking stupid, being  surprised,  disappointed, or worst of all, hurt. Perhaps also it is a fear of being free and  finding yourself flying. When you are flying, not buried in the mud, hidden in a  cave or clinging to a rock in the crashing surf, then what? You are, in short, Empowered – to follow your personal and unique path, create your life, your  story. That is Big!”

At the final curtain call last Saturday, I shared the applause on stage with the community with whom I created the gift, before an enthusiastic and amazed audience, and felt the warmth between all of us. I had that Flying sensation. And looking around at the energized (if tired) faces with shining eyes, loose relaxed limbs, hearing the excited, joyous voices and Feeling the palpable energy of Power, I knew that all of us were empowered in the best sense of the word.

Empowerment means being able to stand up, loud and tall even when you are afraid. It means offering your gift, yourself your work, with a confidence that says ‘Here is my best.’ It means allowing yourself the imperfections, and celebrating the wonder of courage. For most, it is only after the actual moment of fear on stage that the true magnitude of the Power can be felt. Without that effort, would that joy be possible?

For the audience too there is definitely an experience of being bathed in a light and radiance emanating from the Personal Magic each of the creators whose work you have witnessed. Somehow in the expression of courage, joy, (and yes relief!) of the LIVE people before you, the audience is, as the Greeks knew so well, empowered too.

True the TwentyFour Hour play event is a rare microcosm of a life experience. It is not everyday that we are given such a clear-cut and concise, precise, time-framed opportunity to practice empowerment! Very often the opportunities are quieter, more mundane and even routine. The steps are the same. Focus on the task at hand, allow and offer assistance, share what you can and celebrate the gift.

And in a way, each of us lives a 24hour play every 24 hours. May you bring your Personal Magic to each of your 24 hours. May others sometimes get to bathe in that radiance, and may there be times when you bathe in the light of anothers’ Personal Magic.

This has been a weird week. After the splash of excitement where last week I publicly made the Big Commitment for the Personal Magic Book there has been, by necessity, a slowdown. Along with that has been a little too much time for second-guessing myself. The old ‘who am I to put out a book?’ question.

I know that I am not the first writer/artist to feel that wobble of doubt. Why do we do that? Is it because we don’t believe the offering is ‘good enough’? So, how is that evaluated anyway?

Is it because we don’t feel we deserve it? By whose measuring stick does that arrive?

Is it because we are afraid of negative response, and from where does that fear come?

I think Yes in some degree to all of the above. For so long I have been a teacher, a director, a producer operating with ‘levels’ of excellence by which the outcome was evaluated. The habit is deeply embedded. It is both a useful tool and also one that blocks. I am grateful that I have some solid experience by which to stand back and look with an objective eye at the creation. I honor that lived experience. However at the very same time, I want to give the intuitive, emerging voice equal time and value.

Deserving comes with proof of merit as recognized in the ‘real’ world. Have you paid your dues? Have you taken care of business? Have you done the nitty-gritty before you leap into this arena?

Oh, yes and yes and yes! What is more, I continue to be immersed in each of those aspects of being deserving, being worthy. It is not once done and checked off the ‘to-do’ list. Real deserving is maintained by continuing the nitty-gritty of life.

My stuff is good enough? Check. I am deserving? Check. What about fear of negative response? That is biggie in a society where being accepted if not outright loved, being right and rewarded with approval of others is ubiquitous. I could write a book about this element alone. Maybe I have! In a way that is what Personal Magic is! A pathway to eliminate fear of negative response from your life. Suffice to say here, it is a useless old habit of being, and for me, more and more, only a pale ghost of a fear. It deserves no other mention!

When something arises from deep within us, when we are unable to ignore its call, but have to DO it, it is like being caught up in the current of a powerful river. Sometimes it slows down but it is still moving us along. Other times it speeds up with eddies and rips that pull us along, past the stationary ribbon-like Not-Doing banks on the edge of the journey.  I wave my arm at that safe, still place under the trees and call out,  ‘Hey, save me a place!’ but I am already passed by and on down the river.

You know where rivers take us eventually – out into the sea, spewed out of the mouth and into something vast and strange. The water tastes different, the waves are vaster and there are unfamiliar creatures swimming in the depths.

I also remember that we human creatures came from the sea. So when as creative beings we bring our gift into the world, we find ourselves back out in the vast beginnings of our earliest inception. When we relax and dive under the biggest waves, surf in on the long breakers, float out to the islands, we are actually fully at Home.

There is then, one more reason to be second-guessing myself at this stage. That absolute upside-downer, put the world on its ear, spin me around one. Maybe I am just more afraid of SUCCESS than all the rest. Mmm… The responsibility, the work, the demands and expectations that come with success are pretty terrifying really.

I am shaking my head and smiling as I write this, at the ultimate irony. I teach, guide, facilitate and encourage others to step into their creative endeavor. Unequivocally, from my most deeply knowing Soul, I tell them it is the doing that matters, the process. ‘Be truthful and the outcome will take care of itself.’ I am generous, wise, kind, inspiring and encouraging  – to others.

Oh creator, create thyself! I realize that I have emerged from the personal, inner creative state and am stepping into the public arena. Perhaps the greatest gift this book journey is giving me is the mandate to walk straight, strong and steady in my Personal Magic. It is what the book is about. Here for me today, from my own book, is the Aha!

In ‘Stepping Into Your Personal Magic’, Chapter 5 of Personal Magic – Creativity and Spirit for Empowerment in Times of Change, I write:

Resist the temptation to wait until you have all this down before you start doing  it. You can be creating the art as you uncover the path, and the reverse as well. In fact by doing it you will create and uncover it. If you wait until it is ‘perfect’ you will miss so much, as will the world, and you will probably never actually find or  share it. There is a wise song/poem by Leonard Cohen (‘Anthem’) with the lines:

Ring the bells that still can ring.
Forget your perfect offering
There is a crack in everything.
That’s how the light gets in.

Let the light in on your story.


 So what stops you from the creative endeavor? Years of being told your ‘art’ is not good enough, or that others know you better than you do. (‘Oh you don’t think that.’ ‘Don’t be silly.’ ‘That’s just your imagination.’ ‘It’s not that big a  deal.’) Indeed those may be so, but you can only know that for yourself through  your personal journey.


What else stops you? Fear – fear of being wrong, looking stupid, being surprised,  disappointed, or worst of all, hurt. Perhaps also it is a fear of being free and finding yourself flying. When you are flying, not buried in the mud, hidden in a  cave or clinging to a rock in the crashing surf, then what? You are, in short,  empowered – to follow your personal and unique path, create your life, your  story. That is Big!

 So, I promise you – read my book, work with me and know that you are playing with the real deal. This didn’t just pop out of nowhere. It is a lived and living knowing that comes through me regardless of my most fearful scenarios. Who’s afraid of the sea of success? I am and I am also relishing the swim!